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Stinchfield | 06/14/2018

Elections Aren't Won By Self-Inflicted Pepper Spray Wounds

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Japan and South Korea leaders have given some concerns about President Trump pledging to halt military exercises in their countries as part of a deal with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. Iraq War Veteran Chris Neiweem joins Grant to discuss what this means for our allies and when this takes place. Police have been unable to do their jobs efficiently in cities like Chicago because of liberal policies that require officers to file paperwork for every move they make, which puts them stuck behind a computer desk for hours. Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik joins the program to discuss how these policies negatively effect police and keep them from keeping the streets safe. Bernard also discusses with Grant the suspected terrorist attack with ricin in Germany this morning. Second Amendment Attorney Chuck Michel breaks down the new gun restriction bills from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. NRA Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton gives us the latest on world news from the week and updates on the potential ricin attack in Germany. Police around the country have had to adapt and change the way they conduct their work over the past few years. Executive Director of the National Sheriffs Association Jonathan Thompson joins the program and discusses security and firearms safety as well as what to expect from the Sheriffs Associations Annual Meetings this weekend.​ NRA Carry Guard Instructor Jeff Houston joins Grant to give us some updates on a new Carry Guard training scenario this weekend. Dan Bongino gives his take on the latest news of the day.