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Stinchfield | 06/08/2018

World News of the Week and Foreign Policy

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President Trump has had a very busy week with foreign policy. Grant Stinchfield starts the morning off with Lt. General Jerry Boykin as they break down all of the important foreign news of the week from the North Korean Summit to Afghanistan's ceasefire with the Taliban. Joy-Ann Reid is back in the news for her hateful blog posts attacking Senator John McCain. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Council joins Grant to talk about the media's hypocrisy and MSNBC still standing with Joy-Ann Reid. Lead National Security Expert for the Heritage Foundation James Carafano joins the program and talks about the dangerous implications of a potential nuclear war in the Middle East. An increase of illegal immigrants crossing the border has caused concerns for border patrol and police on the southern border. Chief Matt Thomas of the Pinal County Arizona Police Department joins Grant to discuss what they are dealing with in southern Arizona. NRA Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton shares a video of Gaza preschoolers performing a mock execution of an Israeli solider for their kindergarten graduation and discusses how these kids are trained to hate from a very young age. Austen Fletcher of "Fleccas Talks" on YouTube joins Grant to share his latest video, democrats defending MS-13 gang members just because President Trump called the gang animals. Dan Bongino wraps up the show with his take on the latest news of the day.