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Stinchfield | 06/06/2018

Why NRA Members Stand for the National Anthem

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President Trump cancelled the White House celebration with the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles yesterday after the Eagles planned on only sending a small number of players and coaches. Instead, President Trump had a celebration of the American flag. Editor-in-Chief of Campus Reform Lawrence Jones joins Grant to discuss the decision and how politics in sports is killing the NFL. Disgraced Parkland Deputy Scot Peterson claims he thought there was a sniper at the Parkland school and that his training is what led him to not enter the school. Texas' Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins Grant to break down these claims from Scot Peterson. NRA Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton is live from the border where the National Guard has been called to assist border patrol. Former INS Agent Michael Cutler joins the program to discuss the border wall beginning to be built in San Diego and the surge of immigrants heading to the border to get into the United States before the wall completes. Incoming NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North joins Grant to talk about what's new with the NRA and gives his thoughts on the United States' recent foreign affairs with North Korea and China. Dana Loesch and Dan Bongino wraps up the day with their take on the latest news of the day.