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Stinchfield | 05/31/2018

President Trump's Nomination for the 9th Circuit Court

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Grant Stinchfield starts the morning off taking a look at Texas Governor Greg Abbott's school safety proposal. Sheriff's Deputy and owner of Strategic Weapons Academy Tim Bulot trains teachers the proper way to use a firearm and how to react in active shooter situations. He joins the program to discuss the Governor's push for more Marshals and the importance of arming teachers. Nominating a judge to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is a tricky political game. Second Amendment Attorney Chuck Michel joins Grant to breakdown why President Trump's hands are tied on a few of his nominees that aren't so friendly to the Second Amendment community. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton gives us the latest in world news. NRA Carry Guard Instructor Jeff Houston joins the program to discuss some of Governor Abbott's proposals and shares tips on what he thinks the best types of firearms, holsters, etc., you should use if you are considering carrying for the first time. Combat Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Johnny "Joey" Jones has been battling the Veterans Affairs office since coming back from war. Johnny joins Grant to break down the new Veterans Affairs Bill and the new Secretary for the VA. Dan Bongino wraps up the day with his take on the latest news of the day.