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Stinchfield | 06/19/2017

Why Citizens Should Arm and Protect Themselves

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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Grant Stinchfield brings you news from the frontline in the battle to protect the Second Amendment. He spoke with Sheriff Wayne Ivey early this morning from Florida. The sheriff shared with Grant why he's encouraging his residents to buy a firearm and learn how to use it. Author Dan Perkins joined Grant to talk about fighting terrorism at its core. Frontlines correspondent Chuck Holton discussed the urgent situation in Syria after U.S. forces took down a fighter jet attacking our allies. Jenn Jacques and Bill Whittle wrap up the day with their take on today's current events and relevant topics. Stinchfield airs live on NRATV weekdays at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.