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Nothing can prepare you for when casualty notification officers approach the door and utter the words every spouse, parent and child of a fallen warrior dreads the most.

To some, however, the worst news is yet to come.

As servicemen and women give their lives for our freedom, here in the United States some extremist sects are using the funerals of fallen warriors as a podium from which to spew their anti-American "message."

Across the country, a group of tough-looking bikers is working to make sure the families and loved ones are protected from the hatred of this lunatic fringe. The Patriot Guard Riders were formed in response to extremist picketing of funerals, to ensure that the fallen receive the memorial and the respect they deserve.

For grieving families, the services of the Patriot Guard Riders are invaluable. "To have an organization like this for families of fallen service people is a godsend," father of fallen serviceman Brennan Gibson said. But the members of the group consider it a small price to pay to honor the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price. "We feel it's the least we can do," PGR State Captain Greg Keller said.

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