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Eddie Penney: Acting on Your Training

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Grant Stinchfield shares the story of a Memphis bandit who made a poor decision. He walked into a restaurant and demanded the cash. Good businessmen and women no longer have to fall victim to thugs who demand their hard-earned money. An employee shot and killed the bandit in self-defense. Criminals have been put on notice, a good guy with a gun may be around the next corner, or behind the next restaurant cash register you try to commander. A Memphis police spokesperson put it this way, "I encourage criminals not to rob businesses and I also encourage victims to defend themselves." That's right, Memphis police made it perfectly clear, if you rob someone in their city you may encounter a concealed carry holder and the law will be on their side. NRA Carry Guard is designed to help you learn how to properly defend yourself and to help you train for any violent encounter. Grant speaks with NRA Carry Guard Instructor Eddie Penney about the training and how important it is to be prepared in an environment where law officers cannot be everywhere at all times. NRA Carry Guard Daily airs on NRATV Monday through Friday at 1:30pm Eastern.