When It Comes to Firearms Training, Don't Ignore Physical Fitness

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As responsible gun owners, we understand the importance of proper firearm maintenance. But do we assume that same responsibility when it comes to our physical health? In the same way that caring for our weapons can ensure proper functionality in when we need it most, prioritizing our own care through physical fitness and exercise regiments is an important step towards guaranteeing that we always have the upper hand when we’re forced to be our own first responder. Pat McNamara, president of TMACS, Inc. and former U.S. Army Special Forces Operator, knows this better than most. He's developed a comprehensive philosophy that combines elite marksmanship training with rigorous cardiovascular and weightlifting exercises. On today's episode of NRA Carry Guard Daily, Pat joins Grant Stinchfield to talk the nuts and bolts of "functional fitness" and give us his top four reasons to stay fit.