Good Guy With a Gun Stops Back-To-School Shooting

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Earlier this week, a fight broke out during a back-to-school event at a park in Titusville, Fla. Two men were said to have been engaged in a fist fight when one of the men left the scene to get something from his vehicle. When the man returned, he was spotted with a firearm in hand, preparing to open fire into a crowd of unsuspecting parents and school children. At that same moment, an unidentified bystander—a lawful firearm owner with a concealed handgun—unholstered his weapon and stopped the potential killer in his tracks. And better yet, not a single other person on the scene was injured. This is a story you won't see anywhere in the mainstream media. Another good guy with a gun who prevented a tragedy by exercising his right to bear arms. Grant Stinchfield has the details, and today he spoke with Alaska State Trooper and NRA Carry Guard Instructor Chuck Inderrieden about why it's imperative for responsible citizens to be trained for situations just like this.