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Welcome To NRA Carry Guard: Mike Pannone

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The NRA Carry Guard program has become a vital tool in the movement to equip responsible gun owners nationwide with the skills and knowledge to properly carry and handle a concealed firearm. Its curriculum was created by some of the top experts in the field and features superior instruction for concealed carry preparedness. Instructors are the backbone of the NRA Carry Guard courses, which is why we enlist former military and law enforcement personnel to share their knowledge with participants. Recently, NRA Carry Guard added Mike Pannone to its elite roster. Mike is a former member of Marine Recon, Army Special Forces (Green Beret), and 1st SFOD-D (Delta), as well as a USPSA Master Class Pistol Shooter, and today, he joins Grant Stinchfield to discuss his induction into the NRA Carry Guard program.