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As the nationwide debate over arming school teachers rages on, some brave educators are taking matters into their own hands. While it's important to have armed personnel protecting our children in a learning environment, it's even more critical that those willing to defend the lives of our students are properly trained to handle a weapon in a worst-case scenario. Enter Quinn Cunningham. As a former law enforcement officer and current Colorado SWAT Team Leader, Cunningham knows what it takes to be a first responder during a tragedy—he's witnessed it first-hand. And now he, through his FASTER Colorado training course, is working to provide practical, hands-on firearms education to teachers across the country. On today's episode of NRA Carry Guard Daily, Grant and Quinn discuss the importance of providing educators with the tools and training they need in order to harden our nation's schools and why it's imperative that more teachers across the country fight for their right to defend their classrooms.