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Chicago: Retaliation

Colion Noir Tells the Story of Chicago's Forgotten

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"Imagine being in a community where you're surrounded by people who are willing to retaliate at the drop of a dime for helping out with the police investigation." Colion Noir investigates the problems plaguing Chicago that the politicians ignore and the media never talks about. City officials say residents should work with police to identify criminals and violent gang members, yet they don’t consider that doing so could put someone's life at risk of retaliation. But there are good people in Chicago – outside of the politicians – who are working to address this problem. Among them are Chicago Guns Matter's Rhonda Ezell and Pastor Brooks and Pastor Grooms of New Beginnings Church of Chicago. Noir speaks with them to understand the complex relationship between the police and inner city residents, the fear of retaliation that perpetuates gang control and a media willing to the stoke the flames of violence in a city that's seen more than 2,100 shootings this year alone. This is about solutions—about changing a cycle. About bringing an end to people living in fear of retaliation.

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