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What drives successful people? Why do they wake up every day with the determination to be better than they were the day before? Colion Noir finds out what motivates the best of the best in the season finale of NOIR, "Motivation." First, he tries out the new Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting shotgun with Gil Ash and Dave Miles, and then speaks with six-time Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode and YouTube star Richard Ryan about the foundations of their success. Next, Colion's back in Las Vegas at Magnus Sports with JJ Racaza to discuss how JJ balances his family life, business and love of shooting. After Colion shares his end-of-season thoughts, Taran Butler gives a rundown of each stage of the NOIR Team Challenge to date. Then, Colion, Corrinne, Jessica and Daren complete the final stage of the season. To wrap up the episode, Ja-Mes and David give Colion their final opinions of the season during the anti-gun roundtable.

Season 7