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At its core, a gun is a tool made for functionality, but like anything, it's also defined by the sum of its parts. The question becomes, if these individual parts are painstakingly crafted with more in mind than simple usefulness, such as an appreciation for its beauty and emotional power, is a gun still just a tool—or is it a modern work of functional art?

In this episode of NOIR, Colion Noir examines this theme and travels to Austin, Texas for an interview with TV personality and founder of the legendary West Coast Choppers, Jesse James. Now free from California's firearm constraints, Jesse shows Colion how he’s using his signature craftsmanship to create a line of premier customizable firearms and shares his artistic journey from bike builder to gun maker.

Colion also continues his conversation about a firearm's purpose beyond essential functionality with Cabot Guns founder and president of Rob Bianchin. His priceless one-of-a-kind firearms simultaneously bridge the gap and blur the lines between tools and art. Next, Jessie Hook, Corinne Mosher and Darren LaSorte join Colion for another edition of the NOIR Team Challenge. And Ja-Mes and David break down the episode at the anti-gun roundtable.

Season 7