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There's a rich history of women in the shooting sports, and Stage 3 of the Love at First Shot Pro-Am Challenge is a tribute to those ladies. Everyone has heard of Annie Oakley, but Plinky Toepperwein is another name to know and she’s the subject of a trivia question for the competitors.

The course of fire for this stage features an old-fashioned shooting gallery where teams try to accumulate as many points as possible by knocking down as many targets as they can within 30 seconds—clay targets (1 point), water bottles (1 point), corks (3 points), corncob pipes (3 points), buttons (5 points), a dime (7 points) and a playing card on edge (20 points). Stage 3 begins with a bull's-eye challenge that once again taps the pro shooters. The firearm used in this challenge is a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport.

Going into the stage, there was a tie for the lead. Will one team come out ahead? Will anyone hit the playing card? And who earns an automatic spot in the finale? You'll want to watch this fast-and-furious stage. It's followed of course by more fascination conversation.

Appearing in this season's challenge are hosts Natalie Foster and Julie Golob, along with competitors Breann Bates, Kaitlin Clark, Cheyenne Dalton, Annette Evans, Alisha James, Janna Reeves, Emily Valentine and Becky Yackley.

Season 5