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Stage 2 of the Love at First Shot Pro-Am Challenge tasks the women with taking down eight plates from four different shooting positions. Each colored hoop is their cue to shoot a specific colored plate, and bonus points are once again in play. A bull's-eye challenge once again kicks off the action, only this time it's the amateurs stepping up to shoot in Stage 2. The firearm used in this challenge is a Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ.

Who will conquer this eight-round course of fire? Will the lead change hands? An action-packed stage is followed by more great conversation.

Appearing in this season's challenge are hosts Natalie Foster and Julie Golob, along with competitors Breann Bates, Kaitlin Clark, Cheyenne Dalton, Annette Evans, Alisha James, Janna Reeves, Emily Valentine and Becky Yackley.

Season 5