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The season finale of Love at First Shot Season 4 is a celebration of freedom. You'll meet Lila Ontiveros, a high-powered corporate executive who's a financial advisor by day and helicopter hog-hunting business owner by night. She takes Lydia Longoria up for her first-ever hunt. Host Natalie Foster also had a chance to sit down with Lila to learn how her business came about.

Team Smith & Wesson's Julie Golob introduces us to four legendary women in the firearms world. She also offers some important tips on flying with firearms.

At the range, Julie presents the final C of Concealed Carry—consistency. Plus, she profiles the SW22 Victory in the S&W Spotlight, calling it a great starter gun for new shooters. Lydia Longoria completes her 27 Words segment and notes that our forefathers left nothing to interpretation in the conclusion of the Second Amendment. And finally, the ladies wrap it up with a discussion on the legacy of freedom.

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