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Following up on the first episode's theme of responsibility when carrying concealed, episode two from Season 4 of Love at First Shot focuses on training. Team Smith & Wesson's Julie Golob heads to the range to demonstrate practice drills and profile the S&W 3" Pro Series 1911. She also meets up with Jeff Houston, lead instructor of the NRA Carry Guard Program, who offers practical advice for real-life situations.

Host Natalie Foster sits down with Olympic athlete Lanny Barnes—she's a sharpshooter with a twin sister and a passion for art. Lanny talks about the value of NRA Women and the impact it’s had on the firearms industry.

Plus, this episode features new installments of 27 Words with Lydia Longoria and the 6 C's of Concealed Carry with Julie Golob. And the ladies sit down for a roundtable chat to discuss about how they make time for training.

Season 5