The End Is Just The Beginning

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The Love at First Shot journey may be coming to an end for Erin Byrne, Jasmine Elias and Natalie Fletcher, but their lives as skilled shooters and confident gun owners have only just begun. In the season finale, "The End is Just the Beginning," the ladies put their training to the test to complete their final challenges.

Although Erin and best friend Maddy struck out on night one of their hog hunt, they give it another shot on night two and even add nuisance animals and common rabies-carriers to the list. Now a licensed concealed carry holder, Jasmine goes through Sim-House training at Defender Outdoors Shooting Center, putting all her training to the test in a simulated, life-threatening scenario. And after months of preparation with lead instructor Julie Golob by their side, Natalie and her friend Anna compete in their first shooting competition at the USPSA Area 5 Championship in Lodi, Wis.

To wrap up the episode and the season, Julie and host Natalie Foster sit down with the ladies to reflect on their Love at First Shot experience and find out what the future holds in store.

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