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In the spirit of Love At First Shot, Erin shares her passion for fly fishing at a Tailwaters Company workshop with first-time shooter, hunter and friend, Maddy. Together they ease their way into the fundamentals of fly fishing, but it's also a crash course for Erin on how to learn and teach simultaneously, because she'll also help Maddy prepare for the hog hunting challenge that they will complete together.

Jasmine heads out to ETTS for her first training session with lead instructor Julie Golob, learning the basics of shooting without the distraction of heavy recoil using M&P 22 Compact. As she improves her technique and increases her confidence, Julie transitions Jasmine to drills focused on personal protection.

Host Natalie Foster sits down with season 3 guest Natalie Fletcher to talk about the allure of the shooting sports, preparing for her first competition and her increasing self-confidence. Then, Jasmine's training with Julie advances to the next level as she takes her first shot with a 9mm—hitting her targets with greater precision and aim.

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