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Special Report by Ginny Simone

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Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, Florida has a message for his state's residents: "If you are a concealed carry permit holder, carry your guns with you. It's not doing you any good at the house, it’s not doing you any good in the car."

The sheriff posted a video to social media outlining that position and declaring that "we can't afford to sit back and wait for the next act of terrorism." Ivey's not worried about being politically correct with his stance, he said, "just correct."

The sheriff's office advocates for what Ivey calls the four A's of survival: Arm yourself, Awareness, Avoidance and Attack. They teach a course called Self-Defense Through Tactical Shooting and Decision Making and he says it's designed as much to teach when not to shoot as it is when to shoot.

Sheriff Ivey also praises the Brevard County citizens and says they protect the sheriffs just as much as the sheriffs protect them. "You have to be prepared to be the first line of defense," he advises.

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