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Shattered Dreams: Jersey Justice

Special Report by Ginny Simone

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On June 8, 2015, Steffon Josey-Davis received a pardon from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. The clemency granted by Christie to Josey-Davis, 24, gives him a "full and free" pardon for all criminal charges stemming from his September 2013 arrest. The crime: illegally transporting his legally owned handgun in his car. As Josey-Davis says, it was simply an honest mistake.

The Loomis Armored security guard's error occurred earlier in the day, when he was transferring his handgun from his garage safe to his gun case in preparation for some after-work range practice. His little sister suddenly walked in and he quickly hid the gun in the first place he could find … the glove compartment of his car. There, he promptly forgot about. It wasn't until he was stopped later on for a traffic violation that he remembered it was there. At that point, fate was sealed.

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