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Terror in the Heartland: A Hero Fights Back

Exclusive Report From Ginny Simone

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For his heroic actions to stop a hideous beheading attack last fall at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla., Oklahoma County Reserve Deputy Mark Vaughan was selected as Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by the NRA.

Vaughan's dual role as both armed citizen and reserve sheriff's deputy ensured that he was at the right place at the right time last Sept. 24 when employees at the food plant had to fight for their lives. On that day, Vaughan was going about his daily duties as chief operating officer of Vaughan Foods when terrorism struck the Sooner State. When the emergency alarms sounded, Vaughan didn't yet know that Alton Nolen, a recently fired employee, had already beheaded 54-year-old grandmother Colleen Hufford and was continuing his attack.

Vaughan immediately went to his vehicle, grabbed his AR-15 and his County Sheriff vest and rushed to the scene. When he entered the building, Vaughan couldn't believe the carnage he saw. But he knew he had to do something to stop the attack.

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