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Australia: A Nation of Defenseless Victims

Special Report by Ginny Simone

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She's stated that the Second Amendment is wrong on the Second Amendment. She's called the NRA her number one enemy. She's pledged to make gun control a central part of her bid for the White House. And she's agreed that a gun confiscation program similar to the one implemented in Australia "would be worth considering."

Make no mistake: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is waging an all-out war on guns and gun owners. Ginny Simone recently spoke with Senator David Leyonhjelm, the strongest voice for gun owners in Australia's parliament, who says that Australia's mandatory confiscation has not kept guns out of the hands of criminals and it won't work in America either.

"We are a nation of victims," says Leyonhjelm. "You cannot own a gun for self-defense." He goes on to warn other countries: "It's not something that any country should contemplate, completely disarming the population."

When Simone first reported on Australia's gun confiscation in 1998, gun owners there told her that the unforgettable images of their guns being taken by the government should be a wake-up call to all of us to never surrender our rights—because once they’re gone, you'll never get them back.

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