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An Easy Target: Disabled, Disarmed & Defenseless

Special Report by Ginny Simone

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Harvey Lembo is 67 years old. He's hard of hearing, has heart trouble and diabetes, and he uses a wheelchair. After being robbed five times in the past six years, Lembo decided enough was enough. Tired of being ripped off, he purchased a 1941 Russian revolver for protection. Little did he know how timely the purchase would be. Mere hours later, what would have been a sixth robbery became instead just a robbery attempt as Lembo used his gun to ward off a home invader. Unfortunately, that's not the end of the story.

Learning that one of his tenants owned a gun, Harvey Lembo's landlord is now demanding that Lembo give up his gun. Seems that under the house rules of Park Place Apartments, Lembo's home in Maine, firearms are prohibited on the premises. "It's really for the safety of all the tenants," says Russ Gagne, finance director for Stanford Management, which manages the apartments along with roughly 1,500 other subsidized apartments. But how disarming a former police officer who's been the target of multiple robberies makes him safer—especially when his gun has proven to be an effective deterrent—is a question yet to be answered.

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