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Our Military Disarmed

Special Report by Ginny Simone

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Army Sgt. Howard Ray (Ret.) was on the Fort Hood base when it was attacked on November 9, 2009. He instinctively reached for his gun … but because he was following base rules, he grasped only an empty holster instead. So Ray did all he could do, and that was help direct people to safety. The army awarded him a Commendation Medal for his efforts. What he would rather have received was a change in military policy.

Ray says it's a slap in the face to the men and women in uniform to be banned from carrying firearms on base. "They're not able to do the exact same thing that kept them alive in a war zone." He also warns about the dangerous message being sent to our enemies abroad when soldiers aren’t allowed to carry their firearms—that message being that they’re weak and untrustworthy. Ray says the consequence is inevitable, "What we're going to have is, we're going to have terrorism to the nth degree, that we don’t even want to imagine."

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