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Shaneen Allen: A Crusader of Change

Special Report by Ginny Simone

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A single mother of two young children, Shaneen Allen had already been robbed before she decided to buy a firearm to protect herself and her family. That firearm, a Bersa Thunder 380, is now in police custody because of New Jersey’s draconian gun laws. Ginny Simone visits a gun show in Fort Worth, Texas, to speak with representatives of Eagle Imports, the sole U.S. distributor of Bersa guns.

The Bersa features an innovative locking system that uses three separate safeties, making it popular with new shooters who are concerned with avoiding accidents. After police confiscated it, they were initially unable to figure out how to unlock it. Eagle Imports President Michael Sodini explains why Allen’s choice of firearm is an indicator of her responsibility. He is also hopeful that, in fighting back against the unfair charge against her, she will be a positive catalyst for reform.

Season 9