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Ballistic Fingerprinting

Special Report by Ginny Simone

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Instead of telling the truth - that ballistic "fingerprinting" had been studied, tested and found useless - "60 Minutes" resurrected the story apparently to advance its own anti-gun agenda for a central federal registry of legal guns and lawful gun owners.

This NRA-commissioned video scientifically and conclusively debunked ballistic "fingerprinting." NRA took the video to "60 Minutes"' Morley Safer, who reviewed it but ran a misleading story anyway. Clearly, "60 Minutes" is willing to lie to the American people.

The conclusion: Ballistic "fingerprinting" is a myth as a crime-fighting tool, but instead a political instrument aimed at national registration of firearms. Watch this riveting Ginny Simone report from April of 2003. This segment did not air.

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