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Mosul: Beginning Of The End For ISIS

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In 2014, an ISIS army stormed across the Syrian border and captured Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq. For the past two years, the terror group has been brutalizing, murdering and enslaving Mosul citizens into the Islamic state. But in mid-October, the fight to liberate Mosul began.

LtCol Oliver North reports from the berm that now serves as a de facto border delineating Kurdistan from Iraq. There, Peshmerga fighters are bravely defending their side against ISIS. They're also welcoming refugees from Mosul—families who are fleeing the carnage with nothing more than the clothes on their back.

The battle for Mosul is proving to be much more difficult and taking far longer than most expected. Reclaiming the city would be a decisive defeat for ISIS and would set the stage for a new arrangement in the Middle East—possibly even leading to a new country called Kurdistan.

As North notes, America's support for Kurdistan and their sacrifices is essential. With Islamic State affiliates now in 30 countries, the liberation of Mosul is just the beginning of a much longer fight to wipe out ISIS entirely.

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