NRA School Shield: Guardians of Our School Children

Free of Politics. Free of Charge.

Everyone understands the importance of securing our public places.

That's why every major corporate campus and office tower, every sporting event, celebrity awards show and government building... all of it, is protected by multiple layers of security.

But when it comes to our most precious resource—not gold, or oil or precious jewels—our children, we utterly fail to protect them at school every single day.

Each day that goes by our banks and businesses are better protected than our children. That's a national outrage.

NRA's School Shield program has already made world-class security resources available to hundreds of American schools.

It's free of politics, and it's free of charge.

If your child's school isn't protected, ask them to call School Shield today.

We are the National Rifle Association of America.

Guardians of our school children.

And we're Freedom's Safest Place.

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