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Tim Young: Don't Take Your Second Amendment Freedoms for Granted

"You don't expect something [like this] to happen in the good part of town—this is supposed to be something that happens in the bad part of town. This area was rated one of the best places to live in the world. Your freedom, your safety—just your way of life—can be taken away from you in an instant when you have a gun pointed at you."

"I believed in the Second Amendment; I just never exercised that right. I never thought that I would need to because I took my freedom for granted, and I think a lot of people take their freedom for granted. I think they think that it’ll never happen to them. And the fact that people who haven’t been affected by crime in ways that I have and other people have are saying that we shouldn’t have our rights is scary. So it makes sense for us to be together to stand up for those rights and make sure that they don't get taken away."

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