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Lucretia Hughes: Born to Lead

You Cannot Regulate Evil

Politicians are very good at playing with words. They always talk about gun control, how about right control? Because when you go against the Second Amendment that's our right... that's our God-given right. Not only by God, but by our Founding Fathers. So why don't you just call it what it really is: right control. You taking our rights away.

You cannot regulate evil. Evil is evil and evil is always gonna be persistent and it's always gonna be here, so why get rid of our ability to protect ourselves?

The Second Amendment right protects the rest of them. And it protects us. It protects your home, your body and your spirit. Because without it, how you gonna protect yourself?

Don't be a sheep. Don't follow just because it's popular. Think for yourself. Be yourself. Be that individual that God made you to be... You wasn't born to follow. You was born to lead.

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