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Moore's Front Loading Revolver at the Tulsa Arms Show

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On this edition of The Curator's Corner, John Popp of NRANews joins NRA National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica and John Schepers of Burlington, Kansas at the Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Show about Schepers' Moore Front Loading Revolver. Supica explains that this firearm has an important place in the evolution of firearms technology. Manufactured between 1864 to about 1870, this gun uses a process called "teat-fire" that was developed to deviate from Smith & Wesson's patent on bored-through cylinders that fired self-contained metallic cartridges. Still an improvement from Colt's percussion revolvers in the day, Moore was one of Smith & Wesson's primary small competitors at the time. Originally aired 1/6/2011.

Season 11