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Ruger Standard Serial Number 1,000,000

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John Popp is joined once again by NRA Museums firearm specialist Logan Metesh for more "cool stuff." It's 1979, and Ruger has reached serial number 999,999 on it's iconic Ruger Standard pistol. They go all out for number 1,000,000. It's beautifully engraved, including the Ruger eagle on top and Bill Ruger's signature on the barrel in gold. It has the original red eagle on the grips, the first time since 1951. It was presented to the NRA at the 1980 Annual Meetings in Kansas City for auction to support the U.S. Shooting Team. In 1984, it won one of ten silver medals in competition at the NRA Annual Meetings. It was donated to the NRA Museums, where it will be seen in a new display honoring Bill Ruger.

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