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Collier Flintlock Revolver

Repeating Firearms Well Known to Founding Fathers at Time of Second Amendment

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Samuel Colt invented the revolver in the 1830s, but the search for repeating handguns and long guns with minimal disruption for the shooter was the goal of firearms designers for centuries. NRA Museums director Jim Supica shows John Popp an 1822 flintlock revolver made by Elisha Collier of Boston. The multiple chambers were manually rotated behind a single barrel for successive shots. It's also self-priming. People often think the Founding Fathers only knew single-shot muzzle-loading flintlock muskets at the time of the Second Amendment's passage, but that's simply not true. During the 1777 Continental Congress, the Founders placed an order for 100 eight-shot repeating flintlock muskets from Joseph Belton of Pennsylvania, but the deal fell through due to a dispute over price.

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