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When someone says "trap gun," you probably think of something like trap and skeet. But NRA Museums director Jim Supica shows how they were used to deal with varmints or to harvest furs. Commercial trap guns were popular from the 1850s to the 1920s. By then, people concluded having a gun firing indiscriminately when tripped was probably a bad idea. Frederick Reuthe patented one that gave the critter both barrels in the face when it tugged on the bait. A few years later, North & Couch created a pepperbox that fired all six rounds at once when triggered by an unwary kangaroo. Next came a Taylor Fur Getter that fired a .22 cartridge used by trappers. And don't forget the Never Fail gopher gun, which fired a .38 Smith & Wesson blank right into the belly of an annoyed gopher. Jim tried it on a banana, and can attest to its lethality.

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