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Clark & Sherrard .44 Caliber Dragoon-Style Revolver

Perhaps 280 in Existence Today

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NRA Museums director Jim Supica and senior curator Phil Schreier are back on the set of Curator's Corner for another Gun Gurus reunion and take-over at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas. They're joined by Bill Crawley and Hoppy Hopkins of the Dallas Arms Collectors Association. They won Best of Show for their "Guns and Gunfights of the Texas Rangers" exhibit, and a silver medal for the specimen they've brought today. It's a Civil War-era .44 caliber Dragoon-style revolver manufactured in Lancaster for the Texas government by Clark & Sherrard. The receiver has beautiful scrollwork, including a Texas Star on one side, and a knight and cannons on the other. 181 of these rarities were initially delivered at $40 apiece before the company began to run into trouble. Perhaps 280 exist today.

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