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First Ruger Shipped

Serial #3, $39.95 in 1949

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NRA Museums director Jim Supica and senior curator Phil Schreier join John Popp for another special Curator's Corner from the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas. Each year, they hold a competition for historic and educational exhibits from private firearms collections. The ten best are awarded silver medals. Historian and board member Don Findley of the Ruger Owners and Collectors Society shows off the first firearm shipped by Sturm, Ruger & Co. in September 1949, serial number 3. Numbers 1 and 2 were never assembled. The .22 belonged to a factory employee. The company did not yet have its red eagle grip medallions in stock, so it has a blank slug to fill the empty slot. Don presents a $1,500 donation from the club to the NRA Museums.

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