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Dardick Model 1500 Magazine-Fed Revolver

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John Popp welcomes NRA Museums special projects coordinator Ernie Lyles for his first visit to Curator's Corner. He's brought something special, a Dardick Model 1500 magazine-fed revolver. It shoots plastic triangular-cased .38 cartridges called trounds. The unique shape takes up less space, allowing more cartridges per magazine. The military didn't bite, so in 1957 Dave Dardick started production. The barrel can be removed, allowing it to convert into a carbine. It's all very interesting, but It doesn't work very well. The trounds warp over time and it has a hard trigger-pull. Dardick may have made as many as 50. See it at the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia.

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