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Cory "Spartacus" Booker says he wants to fight the NRA. Colion Noir says bring it on.

Episode Transcript

Cory Booker: I'm a guy that's taken on tough fights before and won them and this is one we are gonna win together.

Look... I get that Cory Booker thinks he's some modern-day Spartacus.

Cory Booker: I am Spartacus.

But on the issue of the Second Amendment, he's more like a Constitutional oligarch. Where it's guns ok for us, but not for y'all.

Cory Booker: So much power.

What's the saying? Show me your friends and I'll show you who you really are...

Cory Booker: With Hillary Clinton as our president, America we will rise.

Cory literally brags about how deeply involved he was with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which was nothing more than a collation of anti-gun mayors using a billionaire oligarch's money to push further restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.

In one breath Cory will say, "the solution is not to get rid of guns." But then immediately say "we should ban the AR-15 because it has no practical sporting use."

Not to mention, you think we should ban standard capacity magazines. Like, it's hard enough already on law-abiding citizens simply trying to protect their families from criminals, where you then go in and embolden them by pushing laws that make it harder for good people to do that effectively.

Cory Booker: Thoughts and prayers. Enough of that. Enough of that.

The crazy thing is you actually admit without realizing it that the draconian gun laws of New Jersey, which you adamantly support, don't do anything to stop criminals from getting guns. Because as you put it:

Cory Booker: The majority of guns that we recover don't even come from New Jersey. They come from criminal gun runners who are not law-abiding citizens who should have a Second Amendment right.

Exactly Cory... When you push laws that take away guns from law-abiding citizens, the only people who will have them will be the criminals.

This is the same Cory who thinks the idea of National Reciprocity, which would allow me like a driver license to take my Texas gun permit and carry my gun in New Jersey, is a bad idea. Because "other states may have lax laws."

Cory, of course other states have lax laws compared to New Jersey. You don't let anyone in New Jersey have a gun permit. Hell, you barely let them have guns period. That's why all the guns you find are not from New Jersey. Because you're not Spartacus.

Cory Booker: I had tears of rage.

If we lived in the time of Spartacus, Spartacus would be fighting you.

Cory Booker: If I'm your president, we are gonna bring the fight to the NRA.

Make no mistake. Everything I said in this video is just the tip of the massive ice berg of anti-gun legislation that Cory Booker would impose. All you have to do is look at the state of the Second Amendment in New Jersey. It's terrifying, if not criminal.

It's time for America to wake up. This is not about gun control anymore. That was 10 years ago. Now the other side's ultimate goal is clearer and more obvious than it ever has been: the destruction of the Second Amendment and the near total disarmament of American citizens.

Cory Booker: I'm a guy that's taken on tough fights before and won them and this is one we are gonna win together.

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