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Arne Duncan: Secretary of Stupid

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This is America.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the devolution of intelligence personified in the former Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. You would think he'd want to stay out of the spotlight after it was reported that one of his policies may have prevented the Parkland shooter from being reported to police and blocked from purchasing firearms before going on his killing spree ... but instead, he's making an absolute fool of himself in front of the whole country.

First, he called for parents to hold their kids out of school until gun laws change ... whatever that means. Then he said this:

Arne Duncan to Chris Cuomo on CNN: "Hardened up schools makes no sense whatsoever. Think about this for a minute. How do you harden recess? How do you harden dismissal? How do you harden summer?"

Our former Secretary of Education wants parents to keep their kids home until we change the gun laws because hardening schools makes no sense? What kind of amorphous logic is this? We harden our homes with locked doors, alarms, cameras, barred windows and guns; does that mean the kids should stand outside because hardening our homes doesn't make sense either?

This is either absolute idiocy or a not so blatant way to say, "ban all guns." There's no other way to interpret it. You think a universal background check and age limitations are gonna stop a kid from stealing guns from his parents? You think an "assault weapons" ban and a "high-capacity" magazine ban are gonna stop a kid from using a revolver and pump shotgun to kill his classmates?

What about gun registration? Of course, a kid who decides he wants to kill his classmates is gonna change his mind because his gun isn't registered. The only possible gun control measure that can be passed to make this guy's statement make any sense is to throw the whole Second Amendment away. Even then, you would have to confiscate or get everyone in the country to turn in their guns. So if I'm gonna take his amorphous logic to its ultimate conclusion, the former Secretary of Education wants parents to keep their kids away from school until the government has rounded up every gun in America.

Or, you can do what inner-city schools do and use metal detectors. When was the last time you heard of a mass school shooting at an inner-city school? Exactly! But who am I kidding, those are only for the ghetto students in the inner cities, right?

And for the record, tell the students at Dixon High School, where an armed resource officer saved everyone's life by using his gun to stop a school shooter, that hardening our schools makes no sense. Or tell the kids at Santa Fe High School, whose lives were saved because armed heroes responded from inside the school rather than 10 miles down the road, that hardening schools makes no sense. Or tell the parents who have lost their children because politicians like you chose to attack our rights rather than protect our kids at school. They might see it a little differently. Just saying.

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