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They Don't Want to Have a Real Conversation

Colion Noir Stands Up for NRA Members

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"We somehow have devolved so far in this country that we literally blame gun owners for these shootings …You all insist on only having the conversation with yourselves and waging war with the NRA. You're not waging war against a machine. You're waging war against people. People who have families just like you. People who grieve, cry and feel the same pain that you do when our kids are killed in cold blood in our schools, malls, movies and streets. The same people who want the shootings to stop. Who want to save lives, but just have a different idea about how to do it. Instead of engaging these people like people, all you do is call them disgusting monsters who want kids to die. Because you're too self-righteous and ignorant to believe there may be another way to approach this that's more effective than gun control." —Colion Noir

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