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A Passion for Conservation: Libby Krottinger

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An accomplished sportswoman with a deep love for animals, Libby Krottinger believes that hunters form the greatest conservation group in the world. She and her husband Kerry have been frequent visitors to Africa over the last 20 years, with Libby initially playing the role of photographer. It wasn't until seven years ago that she began hunting herself — daily trips to the range for rifle practice gave her the confidence and assurance in her marksmanship that she needed.

Today, she hunts right alongside Kerry in a decision she didn't arrive at lightly. Libby chooses to hunt because she says it’s the most ethical thing a person can do for conservation.

Libby is serving as chair of the 2018 NRA Women's Leadership Forum Luncheon and Auction in Dallas, Texas. Her goal is to bring in new women who may not be aware that the forum even exists.

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