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A Tradition Of Giving: Julie Hill & Judy Woods

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Judy and John Woods were high school sweethearts who spent decades advocating for the Second Amendment and supporting the NRA. In the 1990s, John was one of a small group of people invited to serve on the organizational board of trustees for The NRA Foundation. He believed in securing stability through endowments and supported the endeavor until his death in 2008.

Now his daughter, Julie Woods Hill, is continuing her father's legacy of generosity and Second Amendment advocacy with the NRA Women's Leadership Forum Endowment. Though Julie grew up around guns and hunters, she only discovered her passion for the NRA's mission in recent years after attending the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis with her mother.

Now Julie hopes to pay it forward to her children, John and Judy's grandchildren, so that their rights, and the rights of future generations, can be protected.

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