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A Lasting Legacy: Monique Beretta

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Monique Beretta was born shortly before the outbreak of World War II, and she remembers her grandfather providing shelter to Jewish families who were escaping the Nazi regime. Despite her family's financial success, she continues to be motivated by the desire to work hard in support of those who are in need.

Married to Ugo Gussalli Beretta, current CEO of the oldest firearms manufacturing firm in the world—its first documented transaction occurred in 1526—Monique raised two sons, Franco and Pietro, both of whom are now executives in the family business. She considers it her proudest achievement that both of them made the choice to work alongside their father. The company operations are still based out of the family's estate, nestled in the Alps near the Italian city of Brescia.

Having witnessed relatives suffering from cancer, Monique is active in the Beretta Foundation, a charity supporting breast cancer research and treatment. She says that 95 percent of the doctors in Brescia who treat breast cancer have had their education funded through foundation scholarships.

Monique oversees the Beretta family's winemaking venture, working at the Lo Sparviere winery situated on family land. She sends signed bottles of her fine sparkling wine to the NRA Women's Leadership Forum, whether or not she is able to attend. Her active participation in NRA events stems from her conviction, shared with the rest of the Beretta family, that firearms are wonderful tools and refined works of art. Enjoyed responsibly, they enhance the quality of life just like the grapes that grow on the family estate.

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