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Holding All the Cards: Esther Schneider

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Esther Schneider grew up in Las Vegas, developing a strong work ethic from her first job in her aunt's coffee shop and learning the ropes of the gaming and hotel industries. She became the director of advertising and public relations for a major hotel, a highly unusual feat for a woman in her early 20s. By the time Esther met her future husband Tom, she was running for the office of county commissioner. That relationship changed everything, as she quickly got married and followed her husband to Indianapolis. She initially continued her political career, but soon her gaming background opened up a new opportunity for her with the Indiana State Lottery. Her ideas and rigorously researched policies revolutionized the operation and brought in unprecedented profits.

At the same time, Esther rediscovered her love of riding horses and began to raise several. After her husband was injured in a horseback riding accident, skeet and trap shooting became the best way for them to spend time together in the outdoors. This shared interest expanded to encompass sporting clays, bird hunting and deer hunting.

Esther believes that the right to bear arms is a fundamental aspect of being an American. As a member of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum and the 2014 Luncheon & Auction Co-Chair, she wants to introduce as many women as she can to the shooting sports and the Second Amendment.

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