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Leading the Pack: Suzie Brewster

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Safari Club International (SCI) Diana Award winner Suzie Brewster grew up in small-town Oklahoma, but she didn't become interested in firearms until she met her husband, former Congressman Bill Brewster, in college. Bill invited Suzie on a dove hunt where she was assigned the role of "retriever." After spending the day retrieving, she was inspired to learn to shoot and hunt with him.

It wasn't until they moved to Washington, D.C., for Bill's political career, however, that Suzie developed a passion for the sport. She went on a hunting trip in Africa with Bill for an anniversary and ultimately fell in love.

In 2011 she won the prestigious SCI Diana Award for her exemplary ethics in the field, commitment to wildlife conservation and exceptional skills as a huntress. She has also taught hunting and shooting skills to hundreds of women and serves as co-chair of the NRA Women's Leadership Forum with Susan LaPierre.

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