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NRA National Sporting Arms Museum: "Top Guns"

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Where's a tour guide when you need one? This week National Firearms Museum Senior Curator—and American Rifleman TV Field Editor—Philip Schreier gives you an exclusive look at the "top guns" at the new NRA National Sporting Arms Museum. Ike's Model 21? Yeah, we have it. Napoleon's Boutet? We have that too. Benelli launched a new shotgun this year, the Ethos, and Mark Keefe evaluates this soft-kicking semi-automatic 12 gauge for this week's "Rifleman Review." Ever heard of the Johnson .22 Spitfire Carbine? It's this week's "I Have This Old Gun." Like many of Melvin Maynard Johnson's inventions, it was a great idea that just did not catch on with the public.

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